Public Relations for Artists –why do they need it?


Every artist or creative professional needs PR to build their business or personal brand. Public relations is a field concerned in maintaining a public image for businesses or organization, or even high profile people such as artists. Many people mistake public relations for advertising but they are two different fields; with advertising  you craft you message and you pay have it appear in some media venue such as a magazine or television station on the day and time you choose. Advertising is not free and nor is public relations. Public relations require an investment of your time and possibly money if you choose to employ the services of a PR professional. 

A publicist who will represent an artist will send out press releases as well as works on publicity campaigns. Publicity campaigns may involve recording signings, promotional showcases, listening parties or meet and greets. A music or theatrical (artist) publicist will contact journalists and reporters with possible story ideas for magazines or newspapers placements. A publicist may hold a public event that includes a contest to win free tickets to a performance of the artist that they are representing. Promotions are a key in positioning a clever strategy to keep the client’s name in the public eye, along with social media. Social media is the way to reach your audience, from positioning a music video, to producing a YouTube “interview”. When it comes to the interview, the publicist is the manager of the artist for the message and brand that the artist wishes to show their public. This persona is one that will be remembered and the brand will have an indelible stamp on it. Social Media is much more than a Tweet or a Facebook post. The video in question will go to all Social Media outlets with the intent of being picked up, #hashtagged with the artist’s name and tagline, and then sent out by fans ten –fold. This is especially important for the breakout artist or the artist seeking to rejuvenate their career.

A publicist is usually the first point of contact for media members seeking an interview with a musician. When a publicist is approached by a member of the media for a client interview, they will first consider the media outlet itself, whether it’s a website, national newspaper, TV show, or radio show. The publicist will then weigh different factors to determine whether or not the interview will have a positive effect on the musician’s image and sales. Some of these factors include: how many people the media outlet reaches, what its target demographic is, and whether it’s likely to garner good press or bad press for the musician. The music publicist will also consider factors unrelated to the media outlet itself, such as whether or not the musician has an upcoming album or tour that could benefit from the publicity of the interview.

For example, Glass House PR are the publicists of the well known artist Juliani. We have worked with his to promote his album and he is doing very well. Holding a positive public image is key to excel in the art industry and that is why artists need a PR agency to take care of that. Remember it takes months to build a reputation and seconds to ruin it. With Glass House PR, we build a reputation and brand and also maintain it.

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