Robin Williams in the film Man of the year (2006)


Man of the year is a political comedy drama that features many stars in the film industry, among them Robin Williams alias Tom Dobbs. In the film, Robin William portrays a host of a satirical political/comedy talk show based on the real life f persona Jon Stewart. He prompts four million people to send email support and he decides to run for president as an independent candidate. Initially he is not serious with the presidency but he decides to go for it.
Eleanor Green (Laura Linney) works for a voting company called Delacroy, which the entire United States will be using for the election. Shortly before the election, Eleanor points out an error with the voting machines but the head of the company ignores her warnings. Election day arrives and the polls show Dobbs at 17% with Kellogg and Mills tied at the 40s, while early returns show Kellog beating Mills everywhere. Eleanor says that was the error. Suddenly Tom Dobbs wins the elections, but Eleanor remains unconvinced. She decides to reveal the computer error to the public but is attacked by the Delacroy agents at her home and is injected with a cocktail of drugs. Later she is hospitalized for drug abuse and she realizes nobody is going to believe her story due to her condition, but she decides to let Dobbs know.
On John Menken’s birthday, Eleanor impersonates a FBI agent to get into the party. She manages to attract Dobbs, the two dance together and he gives her his number. She can be able to tell Dobbs that he never won the election. Dobbs try to get back to her through Delacroy which gets the Delacroy’s officials suspicious. Finally, at the Thanksgiving Dinner for Dobbs, Eleanor manages to tell him that he is not the president elect. Dobbs tells her to break the news in a major speech but the Delacroy denies it and instead blames Eleanor for trying to throw an election for Dobbs. Fear is instilled into her and she flees to a mall from her hotel room where she fears the Delacroy agent might break in and confiscate her computer, the only evidence she had, which is soon confirmed.
At the mall, desperate Eleanor is found by a Delacroy agent but she manages to escape. She goes to a payphone to call Dobbs. A Delacroy agent’s car crashes the telephone booth but she manages to escape though injured and is hospitalize for the second time. Later Dobbs announces that the election were flawed and that he should not be the president. He later settles back for his TV show and marries Eleanor who becomes his producer.
In the film, public relation is portrayed negatively. The Delacroy tries to kill Eleanor so that they can still hold their respectable reputation. They are determined to do anything to uphold their reputation despite ignoring the warning earlier given out by Eleanor. The film shows how the media and the public is vulnerable to lies that can last. Delacroy defends their reputation in the worst way and they finally end up losing their good reputation.
We sure lost one of the best stars in the film industry and he will be a legend to us all. All his movies and comedy left everyone I stitches and we also learnt something out of them. We all wish he could have live longer and make us laugh some more but fate has a way of finding someone, he left us. We shall always miss him! May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace.


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