The best PR movies to watch

Best PR movies to watch
Working in a PR firm as a fresh graduate is tricky. You think you know all about Public Relation when the truth is that you don’t. Once you find out that you know little about PR, you start looking for materials to read so that you can improve your skills and become an expert. That is why it is Public Relations. You have to keep reading about the current situations and be on the know to be a PR practitioner since the world is transforming day by day. It is about learning, learning and nothing else but learning. Now, you can learn about Public Relations through a more interesting way than reading books; watching movies. Below are some of the movies PR practitioners should probably watch;
1. Wag the Dog (1997)

The movie which starred Dustin Hoffman & Robert De Niro is focused upon a Washington political consultant/PR pro. The movie portrays PR in a negative light. It shows how vulnerable the media and the public are. In the movie, Conrad Brean (Robert De Niro) is referred to as Mr. Fix-it. This speaks to his expertise in handling (fixing) crisis situations. This movie also showcases how powerful entities (government, big business) use their resources to achieve their almost sinister objectives. The movie also brings to light the general attitude of disdain the industry has towards the public. It is clear in the movie that, while the industry is concerned about public opinion, it knows well that the public is gullible and can easily be manipulated through the media.

2. Thank you for smoking
Nick Naylor, a lobbyist and spokesperson for big tobacco companies, makes his living defending the rights of smokers and manufacturers, taking on those who wish to ban smoking. Nick begins a public relations offensive, spinning away the dangers of cigarettes on TV shows and hiring a Hollywood agent to promote smoking in movies. It describes the process of generating effective publicity as a series of well-tailored arguments that aren’t necessarily even relevant to the matter at hand, but rather meant to shift the focus off of the main concerns. The movie ends with a great quote “Michael Jordan plays ball. Charles Manson kills people. I talk. Everybody has a talent.”

3. The candidate
A charming movie about how a PR pro can create a candidate out of very little material. It’s the quintessential story of how Public Relations can spin truth and shows the power of the industry – for good and for bad. Film about the election campaign of a candidate for the Senate, serving as a pretext to show the inner workings of American politics and political marketing.

4. The Queen
queen_xlg (1)
This film outlines the political events that occurred after the death of Princess Diana. It focuses primarily on discussions between Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair to reach an agreement on the popular request for a period of national mourning and about the public reactions to the silence of the royal family.

5. Nixon(1995)
This movie represents another movie where PR and politics merge. Anthony Hopkins takes the lead role in this biographical movie of President Richard Nixon, who shows his skills as a political operator by seizing the opportunity provided by the backlash against the antiwar movement to take the presidency in 1968.

6.‘Man of the Year‘ (2006) with Robin Williams
This movie could be an example of a political election media campaign. An extraordinary candidate completely ruins the stereotype of politicians being serious. He avoids boring speeches and transforms his debates into a funny TV show. Female viewers will be pleased to follow the romantic love story as a bonus.

7. Chicago
A talented PR manager can be easily identified in the character of the advocate played by Richard Gere.

8. Jerry Maguire
What list of PR movies could be complete without this classic Tom Cruise flick? From the immortal “Show Me the Money” lines to the disputes with other agents trying to steal his clients, his hard work for his clients and pushing them on marketing, there are many transferable skills from this movie for those of us in PR – and it’s a great one.

9. Primary Colors
This movie is about political PR consultants helping candidates on their path in politics. From cover-ups in media to spin, handling emergency PR situations it’s enjoyable, entertaining and educational.

10. The Social Network
Public Relations today of course includes digital media, and if we believe the movie, Public Relations via the Harvard newspaper enabled students to first learn about their new social media platform – and that’s where all the fun began – and continued with negatively planted stories. It tells a great business story – and encompasses both digital media and more traditional public relations stories.

NB: The article is based on research conducted from several websites such as, Business insider and Action pr group.

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