Valentine’s Day Ideas

Though Valentine’s Day is associated with couples, there is much more that can be done to spread the love that runs rampant on this day. Attributed to St. Valentine, February the 14th is the day to celebrate love and not just with our better halves but with those around us, including strangers.

Organizations can also show love in big or small ways through generous or caring acts toward their customers. It can be as simply as handing customers roses as they walk in through the door. Even for the most anti-Valentine’s person (because lets admit it, they exist), this gesture will bring a smile.

Wondering what else you can do before the day ends to show your love?


There is no shortage of places where you can lend a hand. A children’s home, a hospital, your local primary school, a campaign targeting the needy in the community, a charity walk or event, a fundraising for a good cause- there is always a need around you desiring to be met.


Many women will be protective over this next suggestion.

Instead of spending a great amount of money on pricey dinners and getaways, you could support Valentine themed fundraisers targeted to benefit local nonprofits. You could even host a small event of your own and get your friends to donate money or other materials to take to a charity of your choice. This does put smiles on a lot more people’s faces by the time the clock strikes midnight.

Send love letters 

Not just to your sweetheart but to people and organizations that are making a difference in the world. It is an opportune time (apart from New Year’s) to celebrate and appreciate work done by world and community changers. If you are feeling extra generous, slip in a gift card in the envelope as well.

Give to the needy

This can be done in two ways. Choose to buy gifts from entities that donate profits to charity organizations i.e. some arts and crafts shops or online stores. This way you kill two birds with one stone. The other alternatives is making homemade cards or goodies (you can buy these) and delivering them to the sick, their caregivers and literally anyone else who is likely to be forgotten on this Love Day. Donate what you do not use to charity as well, as long as they are in relatively good condition.

Every day people

These are the people that make your life convenient in every single way. It could be your help, gardener, the newspaper vendor or even your favourite attendant at your go-to coffee shop. You don’t have to give roses or gifts but a smile, thank you and/or a tip makes all the difference.

Small random acts of kindness

Did you know that from 10 to 17th of February is Random Acts of Kindness Week? There are endless acts of kindness you could do for others. You can pay fare for a stranger, buy a beggar lunch or do something you usually don’t do free of charge.


Let us know what you go up to this Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week. Happy Valentine’s from Glass House PR!



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