New Year’s Strategy


Mwaka mpya mambo mapya (new year, new things)- is that not how the saying goes?

The Kenyan business landscape is becoming increasingly competitive especially so with many start-ups, and success stories, emerging in the past year. For both the veteran and the start-up, evolving and adapting to the times is essential or face the possibility of being phased out in 2014.

Visibility is important and any PR practitioner can tell you that. How many people clicked on the link? How much traffic did the website/blog get? How many people saw the post? When trying to promote a brand, many people think in terms of social media vs. traditional media. One should consider all available channels and platforms including online communities, specific media, forums and offline events. The channel or platform used will be dependent on your target audience.

Also before embarking on a launch or campaign, list all the possible ways you can reach any given member of the demographic and use a combination of listed methods to inform and eventually motivate said member to take action. You can also consider more subtle techniques of propagating a message other than traditional media purchases and ads. Social media now offers paid content promotion. These techniques should be coupled with traditional PR tactics.

Distribution of any given message through digital channels using photos, infographs and videos should not only be creative but also digital-friendly. Being a source of insightful, informative and high-quality content attracts potential users and makes you a source of authority in your niche.

If you are a start-up and have funding from one or more investors/donors, be sure to let them share their view on the product/ service you want to introduce to the market. This will earn you a community of supporters who will be particularly important during a launch. Be sure to remain accountable not only to the investors/donors but to your company as well.


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