Blog News Releases

Are you a start-up and wondering how to share your news releases without having to go through a journalist? A company blog is the way to go. If you do not have one, it is imperative that you do, and not just for the purpose of publishing new releases but also sharing other vital information with your customers and employees. This does not only apply for small organizations but even larger ones. With this approach, your company can achieve the efficiency and effectiveness it desires by saving both time and resources.

Journalist generally use news releases to attain news and information and will not necessary bring out the story as you would like it told. With a blog post, there is much freedom in portraying the story in the best way possible. Another added advantage is that you can include visuals in the release; this eliminates the use of discs that are normally incorporated into a media kit. It is also easier to embed visuals on blog post than it is on web-based news releases. This will create both visually appealing and engaging content for your targeted audience.

If you would like your work published online or on traditional media, it is not simply enough to send news releases to journalists, it requires a pitch. When doing so, with a blog post you can make the pitch shorter than is normally required and send a link of your blog post. This is also much better than downloading an attachment. It also allows the journalist to gather other information from your website about your service and product. This way they are able to capture the essence of your company.

Online newsrooms circulate news about your company much easier and faster than print media. With your blog however, you have the freedom to share on as many social media sites as you wish by adding a share button at the end of the content. Remember, the news releases are not merely facts and data; they are stories that ought to be shared by stakeholders, customers and employees as well.

Most of all, one can evaluate and provide measurable statistics to how many people viewed the page. It specially helps the PR personnel to give qualitative data to the success of the information shared and work toward increasing traffic not only to future blog post news releases but to the company website as well.

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