Things to do before the year ends

Christmas is upon us once again, and while you may be tempted to close shop until the new year, there are things you can do to keep ahead of your competition.

The first is show appreciation not just to your internal staff but also to customers. While end of year parties or gatherings with awards and gift cards are important to maintain employee morale, showing gratitude to your clients is equally important. While many establishments are running promotions and offers, as a PR firm you could sent gift cards to those you have served in the past year. That said, you could put a special package together with discounted rates for services that you do not normally provide throughout the year. Do not be left out in the giving Christmas spirit!

You can also talk about charity. Though this comes with the added bonus of media exposure and a saintly reputation, Christmas season is a good time to send out press releases about a charity event that you support. It gets others to care about your charity as well.

Remaining relevant at all times is prime in the PR world. For this reason you can tie your services with something people need during this holiday. It could be advice on how to prepare for the coming year, a summary of the past year, or simply a side to your firm that people did not know about but is relevant to them. Circulate in on social media and let people know your firm is more than running campaigns, sending press releases and organizing events. You could also write a wrap-up article to give your clients and stakeholders a snapshot of the year that was.

Lastly do not forget to thank journalists and bloggers who covered your events this year. You don’t have to go all out with expensive gift or lunches. A handwritten card will make them more receptive to you next year.



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