Rising early for your PR success

Today on Monday PR tips we will take a slightly different approach on what it takes to be good at your job. In the past month we have talked about what you need to do in your career to succeed. How then do you prepare your body to get in step with our success? Most people can attest that getting up in the morning is the hardest thing. It might be so but the benefits are far more tangible than most believe. The monks on Mount Athos shouldn’t be the only people benefiting from this ritual. However if being a night owl makes you most productive, let not this deter you.

How do you wake up early?

  1. Sleep early. Studies have shown that lack of sleep hurts our bodies, makes us lose money and look uglier all in one breath. That movie or drink can wait for the weekend.
  2. Put a glass of water by your bed. Before switching off the alarm, not after, drink the entire glass. Your brain cells will automatically wake up and your eyes will be rehydrated. The desire to close them again will be far less.
  3. Put that alarm clock far from your bed. And make sure the alarm tone is annoying.
  4. Don’t rationalize. ‘Just five more minutes’ is hardly ever so. Don’t think. Get up.
Why should you wake up early?
  1. Watch the sun rise. In our growing concrete jungle and the culture we have adopted, most will raise an eyebrow at this one. We are not as big as we think we are. This humbling perspective will affect you decision-making throughout the day. Just try it tomorrow morning, and then get back to me if it doesn’t work.
  2. Have some ‘you’ time. Whether you live with your partner or parent’s house, it is important to have a few minutes to yourself. We often wake up panicked that we will be late and this starts our day off in a sour note. Calm people make more rational decisions.
  3. While sipping coffee, browse at least seven websites. In PR it is important to stay current but most of all you will be smarter than your peers the entire day.
  4. Eat. You have heard it before- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you are watching your waistline or not, be it a fruit, cereal or half a loaf of bread, put something in your system to boast your energy.
  5. You have heard this too; exercise. That is all.
  6. You will automatically be early. This way, your deodorant’s effectiveness will not diminish before reaching the office. Studies also show good leaders master time keeping. They also demand it.
  7. Traffic. We all know how big of a difference getting out of the house five minutes early makes.
  8. Lastly, if you have no reason to wake up early, that is, you do all the above anyway, don’t wake up. You would only be wasting this extra time.

As you aim to sleep early, avoid doing some activities at night: eating or drinking water/coffee before going to bed or exercising or do any mentally engaging exercise.

Don’t let this long list intimidate you. Start small;  30 minutes can make a huge difference. Check the things off this list one by one. This will create not only a lifestyle change but will also allow your body to cope in the hectic world that is PR. 

With that said, Glass House PR may have to move this lunchtime tips to 7 am!


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