Brand management on Social Media

We have all at one point or another done a Google search of an organization before going for an interview. Nowadays it’s not just nervous interviewees doing so. Many people now opt to search for a company online before transacting business with them. Based on the information they find about the organization, they will either go on to do business or look for an alternative. Mainstream social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide good reviews based on past customer experience. 

For this reason brand managers need to understand the use of social media sites in a company’s success. The advantage of these sites is that they can serve both as PR and advertising tools as well as entice new customers. Special attention needs to be given when posting or tweeting because poor posts, comments or tweets can easily damage a brand.
Brand managers should also make sure to have daily posts and tweets providing information on industry news, new products, upcoming events and apologies or solutions for complaining customers. One should aim to post on Facebook at least once and Twitter between 2-4 times a day. If your account is not as active, it will lead to customers unliking your page or unfollowing your brand.

(A good brand example is Safaricom. After tweeting a complaint/query, they will give you quick solutions or if you have an account problem they will follow you, ask you to DM your number and if need be, call and assist you. They have managed to provide industry news, promote new products and upcoming events and send apologies or solutions to their subscribers)

As a function of PR, companies need to be active in their brand management. This also goes hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO) writing to put you at the top of search engines when a keyword search is done.  
How is your brand being managed? 

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