Being nice increases profits

The world has stepped into a new era of openness, and by extension, and era where your profits are governed by how nice you are. Gone are the days when you had to step on people’s heads and withhold information to get to your goal. As the wisest man that ever walked the earth said, ‘Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in hight esteem is better than silver or gold’ (Proverbs 22:1). Being nice increases your profits much faster than using crude means. If clients, supplies and the public know you to be less than polite and even helpful, they now have the ability to burn you up on the Twitter Stake. 

PR is about creating right relationships between an organization and its main publics. Just like in our personal lives, organizations need to treat their publics nicely in order to maintain a good reputation as a brand. In order to set your company ahead of the competition, investing in your PR department will in the long run increase your profits. They will be able to teach the staff at all levels non-verbal communications, customer care, phone etiquette, proper client relations and crisis management. 

A quick way to get the media to feast on you is by being rude in the middle of a hard interview during a company crisis  

Ignoring customers is no longer an option. Whether they are happy or angry, with the increased access to online sites and social media, a customer will talk about their experience, positive or negative, and in turn influence the social PR of your company. Where possible, customers will then move a competing brand if the issue is not resolved and at this point a trip to an ad agency will not be able to undo the damage caused- case in point G4S and Kenya Power.

Customers do a high percentage of social PR for a company. Take for example a lady who likes the services she got at a new salon. It could be the amount of product used on her hair or as simple as the smile from the receptionist offering her a cup of tea; the lady will be both happy and impressed. She will then tell her growing network about it who will in turn tell theirs. The salon will get more clients for being nice which then equates to more profits. Same goes for men at the mechanic.

Social PR is therefore defined as the sharing of information via social media channels or word-of-mouth. It is not about creating news but rather, it is about seeding it and allowing it to spread through authentic personal referrals. With this in motion, a company needs little or no advertisement to increase its clients or customers.

Good men in this era do in fact finish first. Companies should teach their employees to be nice to increase profits, no matter the temperament, in order for the brand to grow and increase customer loyalty. The intention here is not to put ad agencies out of business but rather make companies efficient in the products or services they are providing to the public. The customer has more power in modern society to choose with whom they want to transact a business with. It is now the role of the company to employ correct PR strategies to keep their customers.
Images courtesy of Google.

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