Don’t shelve your dreams you can make it!!

Patrick Wambua has made it!!! You can make it too….. Read the story:

Patrick Wambua is an auto mechanic who dropped out of school because of lack of school fees; he did not shelve his dreams though. He ventured into farming and from his little savings he was able to join a polytechnic and train in auto mobile engineering. Contrary to his expectations, he did not land himself a job at a big company but found himself working in a road at a side garage. 

At 19 years old he decided to start his own company and with Kshs 500 only, he used the money to buy an exhaust er silencer that is fitted at the rear of cars, after fitting it, he would be paid by clients and obtain profit. He believed that an exhaust er silencer could sell without difficult. He massed customers so fast since the place he was operating from had no other garage, and from there his company had taken off. Today his company has its own location in upper hill and has grown to a value of 6 Million. He has specialized in engine and suspension system. The unique thing about his garage is they are the only guys who can prepare automatic gearbox.

As he was doing his normal car repairs and services he discovered that he was gifted in helping his workmates save what they earn and plan to improve their future life. He also writes motoring columns at passion magazine to educate the public understand their cars as they drive.

He is the CEO of Mavuno Auto Masters the fastest growing garage in Kenya and he recently founded Develop Business Confidence (DBC) which has specialized with leadership training, life coaching and mentoring programs.

He has also written a book ‘How to create and enjoy wealth’, this book shares with ordinary person(mwananchi or jua kali as known in Kenya) on how to overcome the challenges of life, be wealthy and enjoy it.

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